Day 15- Whirlwind Of Activity


After driving almost 400 miles in a day it can be a daunting task to remember to log food and I carry a notepad and a pen to get that job done.  Computer time and internet access are catch as catch can, dependent entirely on circumstance.  Good luck smiles on me today as I have managed to light in a wifi hotspot.  I could not take my bathroom scale with me as I would have liked but I will simply have to do without for the time being.  I did take the food scale though and I will have occasion to use it I am sure.

I try not to become too distracted and get caught up in old bad habits when I travel.  When I stop for gas, I get gas.  When I need food, I stop at a grocery store, that simple.  Fresh fruit is going to be my friend this trip, more opportunities to peel and chop than to get down with pots and pans.  I don’t eat at restaurants or fast food places when I am out of town because I have no clue how many calories I am eating and how the macros break down.  This may seem extreme to some, my weight is extreme to me.  I am ultimately responsible for my food intake, I do not choose to give up control just because I happen to be out of town.

Working out is a different thing all together.  Obligations put me in places and circumstances that make a date with VO2max unlikely but the day is still young!  Something may come up, as they say, fortune favors the prepared mind.

My food

4 eggs(320 cal.)P28F21.2C1.6
1 can tomatoes and peppers(50 cal.)P2.5F0C10
16 oz. 2% milk(244 cal.)P16.2F9.6C24.6

chicken and dumplings(630 cal.)P33F30C72
salad(80 cal.)P1.2F4.5C3
daily total=1324 cal. P 80.9 F 65.3 C 111.2

my workout

1 mile run

your workout

1 mile walk
20 burpees
25 single unders