Day 41- Pre-Event Checklist


A bicycle century or 100-mile ride is not something to take lightly. The best of riders will be on their bikes for around five hours, some substantially more and to do that safely requires planning and forethought. Even though this weekend’s Hotter’n Hell 100 will have over 2500 volunteers to support it’s estimated 14,000 participants, that’s still 14,000 participants. To illustrate the size of this crowd very simply, if everyone was thirsty at once, to give them all an 8 oz. glass of water would require 875 gallons. It is imperative that each and every rider do as much as possible to take care of their own needs during the days ride.

This is my checklist:

1. Clean and test camelbak for leaks, bad tastes/smells.
2. Get Clif bars, fast energy between rest stops.
3. New tires for the bike. No excuse for a flat on a century just because I was too lazy to get tires at the consumer show.
4. Ride wear is clean and ready to rock! Gotta shine in the club colors.
5. Check and recheck the derailleur adjustments, during is no time to do pre- maintenance.
6. Double check setup, seat height, etc. while there is still time for some shake out rides. An eighth of an inch over 6-7 hours makes a big difference.
7. Register and sign-in early, Thursday at 4 pm.
8. Consumer show, make sure to see some friends and visit with the vendors, get new gear while the deals are on. Tubes are $3 here, $7 and up any other time.
9. Spaghetti feed, get that grub on and carb-lload the night before.
10. Friday night 7 pm. Bikin Mike has his survival seminar, do not miss.
11. Sleep!!! Remember, you are leaving the house at 5 am.
12. Get up!!! It’s 4 am. you have to leave at 5 to make sure you get a parking spot downtown. Don’t forget to bring camelbak, clif bars, helmet, sweat band, cool socks, cycliing shoes, club gear, tire pump, bike, $10 just in case, very cool sunglasses because you will need them and looking good is awesome.
14. Remember, you are not riding 100 miles, you are riding 10 miles, getting a drink, something to eat and getting back on the bike. Lather, rinse, repeat. When they hand you the medal at the finish line, you can go home.
15. Have fun!

my food

breakfast burrito(528 cal.)P29.3F30.2C33.2

16 oz.(1120 cal.)P76F88C0
1 can pinto beans(280 cal.)P21F0C56
total=1400 cal. P 97 F 88 C 56

My workout-active recovery