Day 16: Adding Rest Time Between Sets


The large number of sets in the bench is beginning to tell, the last two sessions I have had to split the last set in two to finish. I had been doing one set every two minutes, I am going to go to every three minutes on the bench and see how the work goes for the last two days of this cycle.

Landmine 180’s 5×25@52.5#
FS 5×5@115#
BP 10×10@115#


Day 14: Perfecting Form



While working back up, form gets better and the payoff is seen every day the weight goes up. Small distractions that used to cause a twinge and possibly a day or two to recover are farther between. The new exercise is actually helping the heavier movements by warming up the core significantly.

180’s 5×25@50#
FS 5×5@105#
BP 10×10@105#

Day 9/10: Persistence


I am committing to a 5 on/1 off training schedule until I have worked back up to my previous squat and bench numbers, so far the response is all positive so losses in strength may have been less than anticipated and the work can be more focused on technique. I am going to add 2 more movements into the daily workout starting with the 3rd ‘on’ cycle, probably pulling movements to compliment the pushing of the squat/press.

FS 5×5@80#
BP 10×10@80#

FS 5×5@85#
BP 10×10@85#