Diet and Exercise

If you did the groundwork from the last post you have a calorie intake target, a general idea of good carbs and bad carbs and starting point for getting more fit and less fat. Lets start right in on fitness, that morning walk I took every day for the first week was good. Got up, cranked up the circulation and did something for 20 minutes first thing putting up 150 calories on the work side of the fit/fat equation. Monday of the second week I wanted to know what my walking speed was so I could increase my walk a bit without spending all day at it. I use an app called MapMyRide, been using it for about 10 years and it works like a charm for stuff like this. Here’s how it works:

  1. Open the app and click on add workout
  2. From the dropdown menu choose walk
  3. When you are ready hit the start button and it does the rest
  4. After you have finished hit stop and Bob’s your uncle.

For the second week I did a 2 mile walk in 40 minutes, that works out just fine. Now the second day, Tuesday, my knee was feeling a little weird so I only went a single mile, didn’t want to start any issues and Wednesday’s walk was fine, no more knee problems, logged about 1.75 miles, different route. I will listen to my body and alternate 1 and 2 mile walks for the time being. Sometimes less is more. The point of the morning walk every day is good habit building, nothing more. I will show you why here.

I am trying to work off fat, with diet and exercise. One pound of fat is about 3500 calories. The one mile walk every day will burn off one pound of fat in 24 days if I stay below my BMR of 2400 calories a day. But, as I become more active, my BMR will go up and fat will be metabolized faster, but only if I keep doing what I am doing every single day. I should be able to move to 2 miles a day by the start of next week, barring injuries, etc. My goal is to get to 3 miles every morning, walking, not running, there are too many negatives to a running program and frankly the extra calories burned by running instead of walking just aren’t worth it.

We fixed breakfast last time so now lets get with lunch. You want your second meal of the day to be a salad, get that good fiber and some tasty add ons and get to munching. Iceberg lettuce is useless, there, I said it. No taste, no nothing. Enough said. Spinach. Fresh spinach in a 10 oz. bag, about $2.50 and good for 4-5 salads, easy. Put a big handful into a bowl, chop some onions, olives, pickled okra(you knew I was from Texas, right?) green peppers, throw on sunflower seeds, chop up some raw peanuts or cashews and drown the thing in Ranch dressing, or whatever your favorite is. Do not buy Light, or fat free dressings, they have lots of crap that you don’t want in our body in there to replace the calories they take out. Cut down calories from dressing by using less dressing, simple. Get creative, leftovers can be a great change of pace ingredient in a salad.

Hydration is essential to good health and something that a lot of people take for granted. Don’t be one of them. I keep a clear gallon pitcher of plain water in my refrigerator. Not that I am going to drink the whole thing in one day but I fill it every night before I go to bed and at any time during the day I can look at the pitcher and tell if I am getting enough water or not. Again, simple.

There it is, walking a little farther, salad for lunch and hydrate. Next time we’ll dig a little deeper but this should be plenty for now.

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