Day 56- Back In The Saddle


It sure felt good to put some miles on the bike yesterday, hopefully I can get out again today and do some more.  Redid the workout that caused all of the pain last week and so far, no ill effects other than the usual slight fatigue.  Progress.

my food-
breakfast burrito(600 cal.)

16 oz. chicken breast(596 cal.)
1 can chili beans(385 cal.)
total=981 cal.

16 oz. 2% milk(244 cal.)
1 scoop whey protein(130 cal.)
total=374 cal.
daily total=1955 cal.

my workout-
12 mile bike ride(1280 cal.)7.5 MET hrs.

6 supersets
benchpress@95 30-10-10-10-10-5
2 supersets
inclined bench@95 10-10+4
barbell rows@95 10-10

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