Day 48- The Next Cycle




I am starting a new cycle this week and in addition I am adding some light accessory work to hit the spots that get missed a lot and can help with all around balance and mobility.  Today’s accessory exercise is the one arm dumbbell row which is great to get the muscles of the middle back firing like they need to.

No matter what sort of a program you are into, if your focus is strength you need to keep doing strength exercises even if your program is mostly cardio.  The type II muscles that you need for strength will atrophy in as little as two weeks time if not properly(heavily) stressed on a regular basis.  Remember, strength happens in the 4-6 rep range so that part of the work doesn’t have to take a long time, just 3-5 heavy sets with an appropriate warm up and you are good to go.  I would venture to guess that you can maintain a great deal of strength by doing this twice a week along with the rest of the work you are doing at the gym.

my food
4 eggs(320 cal.)P28F21.2C1.6
1 can tomatoes and chilies(50 cal.)P2.5F0C10
1 tsp. coconut oil(40 cal.)P0F5C0
total=410 cal. P 30.5 F 26.2 C 11.6

3 cans tuna(270 cal.)P60F3C0
4 tbsp. miracle whip(160 cal.)P0F14C8
10 corn tortillas(500 cal.)P10F5C105
total=930 cal. P 70 F 22 C 113

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