Day 47- Shifting Priorities


Now that the focus of my training is not strictly performance based, a broader workout format can be followed. The good people at have a sweet little roll your own workout deal that you can customize with 20 or more preplanned workouts depending on where you want to go with fitness.  I chose a free-weight style weight loss program by Arnold Schwarzenegger, an 8-week cycle to drop fat and gain some lean mass.  I may be tempted to drop in some body weight stuff and some straight cardio as well 4 weeks in or so.

I am very interested in reaching some body weight goals that have been eluding me, namely pull-ups, ring dips, pistol squats and double unders, all left overs from my CrossFit days.  I absolutely need to do an rX Fran at least once and I would like to be able to do one under 5 minutes, that is not asking that much.  Between the squatting I am doing and the weight I am losing I should be able to back into pistols in 3 months time.  Double unders continue to plague me, it’s like my wrists will never move fast enough.

If you are like me and built just a little closer to the buffet table, pull-ups are always going to be next to impossible.  Take a 150 lb. man for example, to do the same pull-up I am trying to do he would have to do it wearing a 130 lb. weighted vest.   I have to bring my weight down before I will see a single pull-up.

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