Day 42- Fiber, The Forgotten Macro


Just when you thought you were doing everything you could to eat right, there is this other thing. Fiber, dietary fiber, 35-40 grams a day. Since it does a great job of reducing the chances of hypertension and Type 2 diabetes, goes without saying that a minute of two a day is well worth it to make sure you are getting enough dietary fiber.

Oatmeal, lentils, nuts, beans, all good sources of fiber. Here is a great list from Today’s Dietitian. The one thing they do not break down is whether the fiber is soluble or insoluble, I am not entirely sure that the difference is that important as long as an acceptable amount of total fiber is taken in.

If you do decide to increase your daily fiber follow these two rules, do so slowly and increase your daily fluid intake with the additional fiber.

my food
6 eggs(480 cal.)P42F31.8C2.4
1 tsp.(40 cal.)P0F4.8C0
total=520 cal.P 42 F 36.6 C 2.4

20 oz. ground beef(1400 cal.)P95F110C0
4 tbsp. coconut flour(80 cal.)P4F4C16
total=1480 cal.P 99 F 114 C 16

bad snack
peanut butter(756 cal.)P29.4F67.2C25.2
crackers(490 cal.)P7F10.5C84
total=1246 cal. P 36.4 F 77.7 C 109.2
daily total 3246 cal. P 177.4 F 228.3 C 127.6

my workout-none, pre-event week

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