Day 32- Weight Training Options






I like working out and I love to lift weights.  I can run all day and I don’t really feel like I have accomplished anything but get me under a heavy bar and when I am moving it I feel like I am getting stuff done.  The next day I feel like I have been doing something too, I mean that in a good way not in a ‘Oh God I’ve thrown out my back again!’ way.  Growth not groan, that’s my motto.

Along the way I have  found a lot of information from a lot of different people and I take them with a grain of salt unless I find one that has been proven to work in the flesh, not just on paper.  The absolute best program for any new lifter is Stronglifts 5×5, I have used this for almost a year and it is superb.  I am almost done with the beginner phase of 5×5 and I will probably be transitioning to Starting Strength because I happen to live in Wichita Falls and it would be super to get some coaching from Mark Rippetoe himself.

One other program I am really interested in is called German Volume Training but that is for intermediate lifters and I am not quite there yet.  This was popularized by Jacques Demer and Bev Francis, both achieving stellar results.  One last gem that more than a few people swear by is Wendler’s 5-3-1 routine, probably an intermediate/elite lifter endeavor.  Here is a link to a customizable spreadsheet for the Wendler 5-3-1 workout.


my food
4 eggs(320 cal.)P28F21.2C0
1 tsp. coconut oil(40 cal.)P0F4.7C0
1 Can tomatoes and chilies(50 cal.)P2.5F0C10
total=410 cal. P 30.5 F 25.9 C 10

Protein shake
whey isolate(130 cal.)P20F3.5C6
16 oz. 2% milk(244 cal.)P16.2F9.6C24.6
Total=374 cal. P 36.2 F 13.1 C 30.6

1st lunch
2 cans tuna(180 cal.)P40F2C0

2nd lunch
5 oz. spinach(35 cal.)P4F.5C5
1/2 cup lentils(240 cal.)P20F0C40
2 tbsp. italian dressing(60 cal.)P0F6C3
total-335 cal. P 24 F 6.5 C 48

8 oz. pork loin(264 cal.)P50.6F5.2C0
1 onion(64 cal.)P1.4F.1C15.5
2 jalapeños(8)P.2F0C2
1 tbsp. coconut oil(120 cal.)P0F14C0
total=446 cal. P 52.2 F 19.3 C 17.5
daily total= 1745 P 182.9 F 66.8 C 106.1

My workout-active recovery

One thought on “Day 32- Weight Training Options

  1. Bev Francis was from my generation. I trained at her gym in New York years ago. It’s always good to read about someone speaking so highly about exercise. It is an integral component of health that most people avoid participating in to their detriment. I wish you ongoing success in your journey throughout life.

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