Day 25- Balancing Strength And Cardio


Although I try to maintain a level of fitness year-round the upcoming century ride is the focal point of my efforts. If I make this ride I have attained every goal I set for this year. Two goals: Ride 100 miles, don’t die. Simple.

I am training strength this year, right up to the ride, heavy squats 3 times a week. I want to incorporate speed as well but 100 plus degree weather is not being very cooperative. I have built up some new auxilliary lift toys in the home gym and can’t wait to see how they work out. As far as cardio, no running at all up to the ride, all cycling. Got to get my butt used to the saddle again.

Weight lifting has brought me success in the last three years and I am stronger this year than ever so I think that I will be just fine. Hopefully the bike will hang in there one more year as well, it’s too late to break in a new one now.

My food
4 eggs(320 cal.)P28F21.2C0
1 tsp. coconut oil(40 cal.)P0F4.7C0
1 Can tomatoes and chilies(50 cal.)P2.5F0C10
total=410 cal. P 30.5 F 25.9 C 10

Lunch(3 servings w/o rice)
20 oz. ground pork loin(660 cal.)P126.5F13C0
1 onion(64 cal.)P1.4F.1C15.5
1/2 cup rice(160 cal.)P6F0C74
total=401 cal. P 48.7 F 4.4 C 79.2

1 bowl(260 cal.)P6F3C50

total=1071 cal. P 85.2 F 33.3 C 139.2

My workout- Active recovery

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