Day 24- Drop Back 5 And Punt


Man repairing bike in bike shop --- Image by © Stewart Cohen/Pam Ostrow/Blend Images/Corbis

Man repairing bike in bike shop — Image by © Stewart Cohen/Pam Ostrow/Blend Images/Corbis

Sometimes you just have to take the bull by the horns. On three separate occasions I have brought my road bike in for service because the front derailleur either fails to shift or drops the chain into the frame at very inopportune times. The last time I had it in I specifically told them if there was anything that was less than optimal to replace the entire set and that money was not an issue.

I dropped the chain the other day and almost cut up my hand digging it out, I am done. A #1 phillips, 5mm Allen wrench and some youtube videos would give me a chance to do what my bike guy could not. Several youtubers have made excellent videos detailing the procedure to adjust the derailleurs on my specific bike, so I won’t pick one over the other, just to say there should be no problem finding a great video to fix your bike if you need to and feel confident in your abilities.

Simple, direct procedures lay out the adjustment process and after watching each one a couple of times and stopping at the end of each step, got the bike fixed up in about 20 minutes. Will be test driving tomorrow morning, I am confident that the repair will work, I cannot cross my fingers in the drops but I am not going to drive to far out the first time either.

As much as I like my bike guy, I will be doing my own adjustments from now on. I will buy stuff from them and will send them customers but for me, three strikes and all when it comes to my road bike. There are only 3 weeks left to the only century I am riding this year and I don’t plan on walking any of it.

My food
4 eggs(320 cal.)P28F21.2C0
1 tsp. coconut oil(40 cal.)P0F4.7C0
1 Can tomatoes and chilies(50 cal.)P2.5F0C10
total=410 cal. P 30.5 F 25.9 C 10

24 oz. chicken 744 cal P 156.6 F 8.4 C 0
1 onion 64 cal P 1.4 F .1 C 15.5
3 jalapeños 12 cal P0F0C3
4 tbsp sweet chili sauce 200 cal P0F0C25
2 tbsp sriracha sauce 30 cal P0F0C7.5
1050 cal. P 158 F 8.5 C 51(this makes 3 servings)
8 oz. lentils 264 cal. P20.8F.8C45.6
total=614 cal. P 73.5 F 3.6 C 72.6

carb load for tomorrow’s ride
1 sleeve of crackers(350 cal.)P7F10.5C84
6 tbsp. peanut butter(540 cal.)P21F48C18
total=990 P 28 F 58.5 C 102

2014 cal. P 132 F 88 C 184.6

My workout
back squats
5 reps x 5 sets@ 175#

The woman in this video is my new inspiration to work out, she slays the burpee box jump!!!

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