Day 22- Results Of The First 3 Weeks


Daily Weight


Slow and steady, looks really sustainable.  I am not hungry, have plenty of energy, feel great!  I am drinking at least 1 gallon of water every day.  Tracking food intake and macros every day to be able to spot areas that can be improved upon.

I log all of my food on notepad and post-it’s and WalMart receipts but here is a better way, probably.  Check out Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle and see if their meal templates can help you be more organized.  They take a proactive approach to food by planning ahead, instead of reactively just writing it down.  Proactive may be a bitter pill too far for me at the moment, we will see.

Also interesting is Omar Isuf’s youtube channel, he has something interesting going on all of the time.  For further reading if you are still on the fence about weight management, “Bigger, Leaner, Stronger” by Michael Mathews and “The Lean Muscle Diet” by Schuler and Aragon are two ebooks that may be of interest.


My food

4 eggs(320 cal.)P28F21.2C0
14g. coconut oil(40 cal.)P0F4.7C0
1 Can tomatoes and chilies(50 cal.)P2.5F0C10
Total=410 cal. macros P30.5 F 24.9 C 10

8 oz. lentils(264 cal.)P20.6F.8C45.6

Protein shake
whey isolate(130 cal.)P20F3.5C6
16 oz. 2% milk(244 cal.)P16.2F9.6C24.6
Total=374 cal. P 36.2F13.1C30.6


5 oz. ground pork(165 cal.)P32F3.5C0
3 jalapeno peppers(12 cal.)P.3F0C3
1 onion(64 cal.)P1.4F.1C15.5
total=(241 cal.)P33.7F3.6C18.5

daily total 1289cal. P 121 F 42.4 C 104.7

My workout

Bench press


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