Day 16- The Perfect Diet Is The One That You Are On!


2??-still no scale in sight

Any diet is part of a lifestyle.  You eat the food that you like.  From birth we are exposed to different foods from many sources.  From the place that we live.  From the people that we meet.  From places that we visit, in person or vicariously.  We carry a catalog of our favorite foods with us always.

Whenever I hear of a new diet I get curious.  What is it?  How does it work?  I do a lot of research, looking into all the nooks and crannies.  I want to know every detail about this new and improved diet.  And then I thought, wait a minute, what about my diet?  Then I started to look closely at what I eat and I found out something.  I have a pretty good diet to begin with.  I started by looking at the quality of the food I was eating and found that it was really very good.  Fresh meat and poultry, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, some dairy, pretty basic but well-rounded choices.  I don’t eat sugar or bread as a rule but like most rules there are exceptions albeit minor ones.

And one day I heard someone talking about macros, at first I thought he meant like macrobiotic, I didn’t know what that was then so I let it go.  I later found that he meant protein, fat and carbohydrates, what I like to call PFC’s.  As I analysed my diet, I began to write what I ate and then how much I ate and finally I would break down the items into PFC’s, how many grams of protein was in this, fat, carbs.  I began to get a picture of what went into my body and it wasn’t all bad.  There was room for improvement, a tweak here and there.  One thing was sure, I didn’t need to stop everything I was doing and completely rebuild my diet.  Like a great old car it could use a few repairs here and there, timely upgrades as it were.  But overall, no so bad.

The biggest takeaway is, by putting it all down on paper you get a really good overall picture of how you are fueling your body and trends that develop as we get a little settled in our ways.  Change is good but drastic change rarely lasts, old habits got that way for a reason, they are comfortable and change is anything but that.  By making small changes in the way and not the what that I eat I am slowly making a change in the habits that will bring me to a smaller, more manageable and healthier weight.  That is all I really want.


My food
5 Biscuits(900 cal.)P20F40C115
6 slices bacon(276 cal.)P18.6F21.6C.6
2 eggs(160 cal.)P14F10.6C.8
total=1336 cal.P 72.6 F 72.2 C 116.4

4oz. chicken, fried(294 cal.)P28.1F14.9C10.2
1 cup rice(267 cal.)P4.8F.4C58.9
total=561 cal.P 32.9 F 15.3 C 69.1

dinner salad
2 cans tuna(180 cal.)P40F2C0
4 oz. romaine lettuce(28 cal.)P2F0C5
4 tbs. italian dressing(120 cal.)P0F9C2
total=328 cal. P42 F 11 C 7

1 can soda 160 cal.
2385 cal. P 147.5 F 98.5 C 192.5

My workout-rest day

Your workout-not rest day

1 mile walk

25 single unders

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