Day 12- Ritual Is Becoming Routine


Biotin, also known as Vitamin H, is a cofactor essential for the synthesis and oxydation of fatty acids in the human body. Storage of fat for energy and the breakdown of fat for use in the muscles depends on biotin.

Produced by bacteria in the intestinal tract, biotin is also found in foods, notably carrots, romaine lettuce, swiss chard and tomatoes. Almonds, bananas, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, egg yolk, milk, mushrooms, oat meal, onions, peanuts, raspberries, soy, and walnuts are also good sources.

Yesterday I didn’t eat nearly enough but I think I kept the majority of the protein to the early/middle part of the day and the carbs later, which should work well. By varying the food I eat all of the timeI am trying to make eating an adventure rather than a chore.

My Food

1 cup cottage cheese(240 cal.)P26F10C8

pork tacos (1264 cal.)P100.7F49.4C94

dinner salad
1 cucumber(32cal.)P1.6F.4C5.8
4 oz. spinach(28 cal.)P3.2F0C4
4 tbsp. thousand island dressing(180 cal.)P0F14C12
total=240 cal. P 4.8 F 14.4 C 21.8
1744 cal. P=131.5 F=73.8 C=125.8

My workout

1.2 mile run
100 single unders

your workout:
walk 1 mile
25 single unders
walking lunges 10 each side

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