Changes and More Changes

The more things change the more they remain the same, or what goes around comes around. Or something like that, at least. I started Crossfit at around 300 pounds, out of shape and desperate. After 3 and a half years I had to quit the box because of scheduling problems and transitioned to a home gym, then to a running regime to fight fat again. The winter cold caused running to give way to weight training and recently weight training is now sharing time with running again.
You see, I was Crossfitting to lose weight, which worked well for a while, but as I trained harder I had to eat more to recover. When I stopped Crossfitting I didn’t spool the diet down as fast and gained back what I had lost. The running program burned calories and kept my level of fitness fairly high but again, more food to recover and weight stays the same. When the weight lifting started getting really intense, the fat was being turned into muscle but net weight remained again the same.
Now that the weather has changed back to tolerable, the morning 3 mile run is back and the weight training continues at a high level, maybe the balance of strength and cardio will force a suitable adaptation. Time will tell. Using tools like Mileaday, 7×7, Starting Strength and rigorous journaling, maybe I can wrap my head around this and get to a weight I want to live with, in the 225-235 area.

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