I’m sure this happens a lot…

It seems to me that when I get one thing going something else kind of slips away, in this case I had traded off early morning gym for early morning job because it required 4 trips completely across town first thing in the morning and if the gym training ran long, well, the job comes first. My fitness was important to me so instead of gym I ran, 3 miles, every day before work. This was OK, I could get some lifting in in the afternoon and would do some other things to fill the gaps. And then came winter. Stuff that had been put off during the week filled the garage gym and made lifting impossible and the extreme cold and rain and excuses saw the end of the morning runs. And winter is still here.

A couple of weeks ago I cleaned out the garage and finished off the home gym arranging and am back at it, feeling a little better. I am about 4 weeks into StrongLifts first 5 month cycle and am working pullup progressions on the odd days to fill in. I still have goals and meeting and exceeding them produce new opportunities every single day. On the upside I have a new pullup station, a rowing machine and computerized bike trainer in the home gym now. It is pretty crowded but still functional, maybe not crowded, just ‘busy’.

As far as the goals there are three:
1. Finish the Hotter Than Hell 100 in under 8 hours this year.
2. Grace in under 3 minutes.
3. Snatch 300# in competition.

The minor stuff, pullups, pistols, double-unders, they will come, and when they do, I will move on to other stuff. Harder stuff. Because you can never quit, standing still is going backwards.

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