Take just one step…

Sometimes motivation can be hard to come by, especially if it is left entirely up to me. That little voice in the back of my head that tells me I can’t do something is very powerful, it is so easy to be swayed by all of the little arguments it comes up with to just do nothing. I fight this each day and lose a lot, always feeling less than, helpless to resist. Unable to take a single step towards my goals.
Going over and over my failures in my mind, I wonder if maybe the answer is there in the problem itself. Could the inability to take that step be because the step I am trying to take is too big? My goal has been to work out some every day. Before now, I would get up early, work out and go about my day. Never seemed to be a problem before, what changed? I used to work out in a group, I no longer have that dynamic, I don’t have to answer to anyone other than myself when I don’t show up. Lack of accountability. Being responsible only to me takes the burden off since I am the only one who is keeping track. That is a bitter pill to swallow when you look at the results you are seeking versus the amount of energy you are willing to put into your goals. Making the steps a little smaller might be a way to get back on track.
First wake up early, then get dressed to work out, get into the gym and stretch, then warm up, then work out. Start at the beginning and take each smaller step in turn. Let the journey take you along, keep moving in ‘a’ direction, then guide yourself in the direction you want to go, towards the goals you want to achieve. I think that picturing the workout first is the self-defeating element, in stead I should be thinking about the first thing, getting dressed. Since I have failed utterly doing things the old way, I resolve now to try a different approach in the morning and see what develops from there.

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